Fast & Furious 6 – A Review!

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Where Fast & Furious 6 differs from its predecessors is that it gives due importance to character development. In a very succinct way, it manages to link many of the characters from the previous editions in order to bring a logical end to many of the open threads. However, this may not sit very well with some viewers as it tends to shift the focus of the narrative away from the adrenaline pumping high speed car sequences in an attempt to give more depth to the recurring characters in the franchise. Surprisingly, everyone gets enough screen time to showcase their abilities and emotions.

Rape – Is it the Only Problem?

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My parents also advised to dress carefully to avoid such street side rogues. I did it all. But I faced fear every time. The boys, dotting the entire way to the classes, chased me sometimes. Once, they threw a bucket of water at me, drenching me completely, and I went back home crying all the way. They did different things each time – shouting vulgar comments about my body, or dress; describing my figure, walking alongside me trying to get close and, of course, trying something nasty; holding my hand, pulling me towards them, touching my body parts, and making me feel completely helpless.

Can We Afford Absolute Freedom of Expression?

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According to the Indian Constitution, no freedom is absolute. The Constitution itself makes fundamental rights enshrined therein, including right to life, subject to reasonable restrictions. Therefore, when we talk about the “absolute freedom of expression”, it has no sanction under the Indian Constitution. However, the Constitution does not solve our problem. What amounts to reasonable restriction is something subjective. At the most, it will help if a matter reaches the court and the court has to decide upon it.

“Play” is the Way!

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There were a lot of apprehensions when it came to watching plays in an auditorium. Will the dialogues be audible? Will the tickets be too expensive? Will I be able to follow what’s going on if I zone out for a moment or two during the play? Would it be too hard to understand the intent and the purpose of the play? Will I be able to get a good look at the actors if I get a seat in one of the last rows?Yes, I did have these and many other equally bizarre questions looming in my head even while I was booking the tickets for this event.