And the T-Shirts are here!

August 29, 2009 | By Editor | Filed in: General, Interactions.

So, the T shirts are finally here. It does feel great to be able to touch something that has existed in your thoughts for quite a while, doesn’t it?

In our last post we talked about how you could get your hands on one of The MAG T-shirts. But at that time, to be honest, I wasn’t very sure how well the T shirts would turn out to be, I was even a bit worried that we had announced the contest without waiting for the T-shirts to actually arrive. What would happen if the T shirts failed to get printed in time?

But all those fears were put to rest as soon as I donned one of the T-shirts. The T shirt looked good, even though the grey shade of the T shirt is a bit lighter than whatwe had originally planned for. But,all said and done, it seems pretty nice. Here, I will refrain from saying anything more about the T-shirt and let you be your own judge.

If you like you can tell us what you think of them. We will be glad to hear from you,and we will be happy to hear your suggestions to make themĀ  better next time.

As to how you can get one of these babies, just read our previous post.

Till next time!


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