The MAG chat room!

October 24, 2008 | By Editor | Filed in: Interactions.

The MAG earlier had a shout box which had to be removed because it did not serve any major purpose, The only thing it did was that it allowed spammers to leave behind URL’s of sites that were by no means worth visiting.

After removing that shout box, I thought that The MAG could perhaps do with a complete chat room, and this chat room would be open only to registered users of The MAG. This idea was debated upon by a few members of The MAG and, like most issues, there was no one final consensus that was arrived upon.

So, we decided to learn by trial and go for it.

The MAG Chat room

One of the purposes of this chat room is to provide The MAG readers and writers a place to interact with each other, and I am sure this will happen in time. But to take a step in this direction it has been decided that from 8 PM to 9 PM, every Saturday, we will try to spend some time in this chat room.

I will be there this Saturday. Will you?


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