What does your phone say about you?

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WDYPSAYWe talk a lot about our (mobile) phones, but do we ever wonder what they say about us? I mean, not as status symbols, but if they could talk, what would they say? Lets take a look – but before we do, I’d like to mention that the brands of the phones are not revealed on purpose in order to remove any potentially controversial airs.

Phone 1 – Holy, why am I in a tray? I was comfortably bumping against my owner’s bum a minute ago! Am I being operated on?

Phone 2 – Chill bro, your owner and mine are giving exams, so they were asked to deposit the phone here for safety, so they can’t copy in the exam using us.

P1 – Oh, but why only two of us then? There should be many, considering how almost everyone has a phone these days.

P2 – I suppose the other owners don’t trust this security so left their phones with their parents or something. So, now that we are here, let’s chat a bit? With some coffee? I do have the ccd app installed.

P1 – Sure, what to talk about though? I don’t want to know you as a phone! So many mindless technical details are bombarded about phones by people, that I’m dreadfully bored of them! Let’s talk about people, maybe? Starting with our owners! What’s yours like?

P2 – Oh, my owner is such a fitful and nervous person! The exact opposite of what I am. He takes so much care of me though, because of his nature. Never let’s me fall! In fact, I hardly have a scratch on me even after a year of use.

P1 – Wish my owner was that considerate! She drops me all the time, thankfully, not in boiling hot liquids! That would be horrific. But she has to do a lot of travelling, and I suppose she just gets tired. But she does clean me using a dry cloth whenever she gets the time, and regularly looks for system updates and stuff.

P2 – Does your owner have family? Mine lives alone.

P1 – Oh yes! Lots of family and lots of friends too. But, I daresay, she spends a lot of time with me, talking to people who are far away, while all the friends and family present there, look longingly at her, wanting her presence. I feel so sad when I look at their faces, especially her little sister who doesn’t understand the fuss about phones as yet.

P2 – If you ask me, there is no fuss about phones. We are devices of utility and should have been just that. What’s this stuff about status symbols and all? If you gotta make an urgent call, and your so called sophisticated phone system eats its battery and dies, I’d rather you have a simpler phone. Besides, the real people surrounding you, they have priceless expressions and interactions. It’s crazy people would trade that for talking with other people using emoji and smileys!

Suddenly, P1 starts to shake violently, apparently vibrating.

P1 – Oh look, yet another text. She has kept the vibrations loud on purpose, so that she does not miss a single communication. Coming back to our topic, yeah, I wonder of it sometimes too. If I were with my mum and dad, I’d only pay minimal interest to her, and yet she, having so much and so many people of her own, spends hours with me.

P2 – I guess its true what they say, when phones got smarter, people got dumber. Gah! There goes the bell, looks like the exam is done.

P1 – Yeah she will come frantically searching for me, to read all the texts that might have come in her absence. Better be prepared for the onslaught then! So long, friend!

P2 – So long!

(Image courtesy: dreamjay from sxc.hu)

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