Is Bicycle the Ride of the Future?

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First, there was the increase in petrol prices. This rise in petrol prices led to many jokes on the social media websites but, more importantly, what it also led to was the popularity of the Diesel cars. Most people were buying Diesel cars, and anyone who was still buying a Petrol car was thought to be naive and behind-the-times. The trend in favour of Diesel cars was spotted by car manufacturers, who began to work double time to roll out Diesel car variants of all popular models.

But the recent increase in the diesel prices has the potential to become a game changer for the automotive sector, which has anyway witnessed a trend of falling sales in recent weeks after being on a high for a long time.

The bicycle, the modest cousin of modern transport vehicles, has all this while been steadily gaining popularity as the favourite mode of transport in the urban areas, especially among the youth. The bicycle has some advantages over other modes of transport, and these can be summarised as below:

1. Environment friendly: The biggest problem the human race is facing today is climate change. Sustainable development has become the buzzword, and efforts are being made by all countries to reduce their carbon footprint. The use of the bicycle is an excellent method by which you, the individual, can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the modern world. If the bicycle continues to gain popularity, then it will definitely help in making the world a better place for the generations to come.

2. Health friendly: According to the World Health Statistics 2012 report 2.8 million people, worldwide, die each year from being overweight or obese. Also, as per the report, between 1980 and 2008 the world wide prevalence of obesity has almost doubled. You may not die of obesity but there are several lifestyle health problems that you might have to bear, if you do not get your 30 minutes of exercise every day. The use of a bicycle can help you do that.

3. Cheaper: The bicycle is the cheapest mode of travel, second only to walking on foot. If you destination is within 8-10 kilometres of your starting point, then the use of a bicycle can be a cheap and efficient mode of transport for you.

4. Beating Urban traffic: Most cities and towns these days are facing severe traffic problems due to the unprecedented increase in the number of vehicles. The use of the bicycle can help you beat the city traffic, and in all likelihood can also help you avoid the hassles associated with parking your car.

5. Recreation: The bicycle can not only be a mode of transport, but can also provide you with a source of recreation. Most cities and towns these days have clubs and groups of cycling enthusiasts that meet over weekends, and organise activities centred around cycling. If you are up to some heavy duty cycling you can register for events like the MTB Himachal, an annual mountain biking race held in Himachal Pradesh.

Though, the bicycle is not suitable for long journeys, and also has a few other inherent problems associated with it, yet it can be said that the bicycle has the potential of becoming the ride of the future. Wouldn’t you agree?

(If you already own a bicycle, it would be great if you would share your special experiences in the comments section, so that more people jump on the bicycle bandwagon.)

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