Into His Pyre…

Sep 6th, 2009 | By | Category: Poetry

The first day, rendezvous with him,
Every sound seemed absurd.
He stopped me from making the sin,
Blocked me from saying any word.
He wanted me to know the fact…
That his wife was safest in his arm,
While he lived and after fate ended his act,
While it’s cold and after it’s warm.

Seeds of hurt sown deep down,
That impairs my soul…
And they stand there, they frown,
The beast lets loose a whimsy growl!
There he stands with a knife.
And I knew, seeing in his eyes,
Nothing could harm his wife.
He went away, overlooking my sighs…

He went away overlooking my sighs,
With broken glass shards on my wrist,
On the floor, where fate played dice.
I fell on floor smashing my bloody fist…
With growls of beasts growing loud,
And the singers hired to cry.
The better beasts hid in the crowd,
I hadn’t any life that I could defy…

I hadn’t any life that I could defy,
The heat around sucked in my tears.
Every old whisper began to vie.
The cries around lingered my fears,
The first day, rendezvous with him…
He promised to fulfill my every desire,
My desire was to live, not die with him.
But they pushed me into his fire…
But they pushed me into his pyre…



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Narendra is a student of Mech. Engineering, he shares his thoughts no matter how weird they seem. His expression is in form of poetic verses and short stories, which forces to freeze every moment. You can read more of Narendra Pai's work on his Blog If you like his post you can follow him on Twitter or Facebook

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  1. touching!!

  2. Heart Wrenching! 🙂

  3. thank you meeta and aditi

  4. Nice Poem…

  5. (I must say that you wrote this beautifully. Loved reading it. Good luck with words. Keep writing!)
    Your poem took me back to my school days when I learnt what Sati is all about…
    A topic that is a matter of controversy all the time. A practice where women being physically forced to deaths. They even called it a marriage between the widow and her deceased husband!!! I just can’t believe it that women were (are? I hope not!) being buried alive… They said,
    ??? ??????????? ??????????????? ??????? ????????? |
    ???????.??????? ??????? ? ??????? ????????????? ||
    “Let these women, whose husbands are worthy and are living, enter the house with ghee (applied) as collyrium (to their eyes). Let these wives first step into the pyre, tearless without any affliction and well adorned.”
    But for now, let us just be happy by thinking that change is continuous and constant in this world. What was right earlier is wrong now and so it continues.

  6. the words evoke images and the cries of the wife still ring as they pushed her on to the pyre. Very intense and moving. Well done. No mean feat to write poems. Most difficult thing to do. Keep writing.

  7. Wow! This is superb!! Wonder how you could alternate between humorous ones like @Mr. Human and serious ones like Into his pyre and the green prophecy. Keep penning 🙂

  8. Gr8 work yaar.keep doing..its gr8 to do these sort of things.harder than just writing

  9. @Rohit Sharma thanks friend…

    @Pushkala Laxminarayan
    i understand those ‘???’ are sanskrit verses, which somehow dint appear as expected 🙁 But we all get the meaning of the verses…thanks for a generous i have touched about the aspect of forceful sati practices..but it is shocking that even this day many women(of course majorly illiterate and in rural areas )willingly,voluntarily Jump INTO HIS PYRE..!!

    @Shalini thank you so much..very much appreciate your concern to leave a comment…:)

    @Narenubi hAha Its simple ..I dont write humorous ones when i write serious ones,lest the serious ones should turn out to be an unintentional humor…other way around is pardonable right? 😉

    @Jerry jose thanks man…glad you liked it.. 🙂

  10. What a beautiful look at something so tragic…

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