Caption This – XXII

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Unfortunately, we have no winner for Caption This – XXI. You think you have what it takes to win at Caption This. Here is your chance. Take a good look at the picture, and give it a caption that you deem fit. If your caption is the best, you win, and your name will be announced on the front page of The MAG. Additionally, you also stand to win a “The MAG” T-shirt. So, what are you waiting for, put on your thinking cap and Caption This!


Caption This to Win a Tshirt

Caption the above picture, and if your caption is the best, you could get your name on the front page of The MAG (with a link to your site, if you have one) and you also win a ” The MAG” T shirt. The rules for the contest are as follows:

1. Leave your caption as a comment in the box below.
2. Leave your name and your email id, so that we can contact you…if you win, that is.
3. The winner will be chosen only if there are at least five valid entries for the contest.
4. The winner will be chosen by the Editorial body of The MAG, and no disputes in this context will be entertained. And that is all there is to it.



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  1. “Its the yellow fever going around”

  2. we now found only in museum…

  3. Oh, for the Nth time. I don’t have jaundice. I’m wearing coloured contact lenses!

  4. Results of global-warming.

  5. You can wipe me off the jungles but you certainly can’t get me outta here

  6. Your (human) greediness bring us here…

  7. “Roarrr! I’m Snow Yellow. Snow White’s half brother!”

  8. “Save Me From You..for you”

  9. Reality bites- .The receding gene…

  10. After some time this is the only place you will find me… museum!!!!

  11. Here I stand to amuse,my terror is gone.

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