You Got What You Asked For

May 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Editor Speak
In our last poll, not surprisingly, we had asked you who you thought was your choice for the next Indian Prime Minister. The poll was on the site for longer than usual because we wanted to wait for the actual results before we announced who you wanted to be the next Indian Prime Minister.

New PM

As the results above show, a majority of the MAG readers wanted Mr. Manmohan Singh to be the next Indian Prime Minister. Well, you got what you wanted.

It seems like the majority of you, the majority of the country also wanted to see Mr. Manmohan Singh become only the second man to become Prime Minister of India for two consecutive terms. Now, that he has the mandate, let us see what he does with it. Surprisingly, it seems that thoughRahul Gandhi had a huge effect on the voters, not many want to see him as the Prime Minister, at least not yet.

Mr. L. K. Advani, along with his IT savvy team, tried really hard to persuade the voters to vote for him and his party. Somehow, it seems that he only managed to push the voters away. The harder he tried, the farther away the votes went.

Interestingly, the option of Ms. Mayawati as Prime Minister got no takers. This trend was reflected in the election results too, where her party did not perform on lines she was expecting.

The formation of the new, stable, government is being seen as a good sign for the economy. It seems that the days of the recession are numbered now. Not only in India, but people all over the world are beginning to think that the economies have hit their worst, and an upturn is just around the corner. What do you think? Leave a comment, and participate in the new poll.


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