Best Friend, or Worst Enemy

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abuseWho else to believe in this horrible world of men, if not even your brother and father! The woman then has to take help of an outsider to protect herself from her own devilish creator or protector.

The most protected and sacred of all relations has been tainted by a few extremely materialistic, stony beings, who forget the fact that providing a secure abode to your offspring is also one of the successes, and riches of the world. Love and care are investments that bear fruit for entire lives; but blindfolded by lust, some men fail to realize the essence of these relations.

The other day I was reading the news about the incest cases. I wanted more information so I went online. To my dismay there were not one or two, but dozens of such cases coming to light within a few days of the news of the trial of the Austrian man Josef Fitzel, who raped his daughter for years together keeping her in confinement. The daughter got pregnant several times during this period. The father killed some of her children he fathered, forcing her to throw them down the air-shaft. Now he is charged with both murder and rape cases.

From India, the first such case came forth recently in Mumbai, where the father raped his daughter for his business prosperity on the insistence of a tantrik. Later the tantrik was successful, in himself taking advantage of the daughter. And all this continued for nine long years. The girl was given contraceptives all this while. She endured all this till the day when her younger sister was also raped.

Later within few days of this Mumbai news, we heard about similar cases from Amritsar, Chandigarh, and Nagpur; and such cases are coming to light ever since. All the victims have been silent about this till now. They felt it was the part of their life that cannot be changed, for the accused was their own father, the protector. Who would protect them from him?

There was similar bad news from Britain too.

But the trial of the Austrian brought a ray of hope for many. Now a number of girl victims of such incest incidents have mustered courage to speak against the wrong done to them. For these poor souls the most sacred of the relations on this earth was stained by their own creators, who weighed everything with money, and objectified women, even if it was their own daughter. May be this sense of possession is what makes them feel that what they procreated is their sole property and can be dealt with in any way they want.

Michael Jordon’s sister, Deloris Jordan, has recently come up with her book, “In my Family’s Shadow”, where she describes some very similar incidences of her father raping her for around 8 years. And it took her years to bring the fact in front of her mother. In this book she describes the agony and pain she went through all these years.

It seems these incidences are quite prevalent in all the societies, whatever the moral standards. And the reason such crimes continue to exist is the fact that these are sensitive revelations, concealed and closely guarded by the family members themselves, which only adds to the agony of the victim.


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