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Are all urban married relationships based on sex and lust? Has the seven-year-itch turned into a permanent phenomenon? Well, the director of Dil Kabaddi seems to think so. Had it not been for the stellar cast, the movie would have looked like a C-grade sex comedy. The only salvaging point for the movie is the performance by brilliant actors like, Konkona Sen Sharma, Rahul Bose and rahul Khanna and Irfaan Khan. Soha Ali Khan is good in places but sounds squeaky in the fighting scenes.

The movie starts with Soha and Irfaan, going to meet their other couple friends, Bose and Konkona. While in the car, they fight obviously over their ‘not-having-sex’ problems and finally when they reach their couple friends home, they declare their separation. The declaration is stated in a matter of fact manner, which upsets Konkona, the most. Well it would be no surprise to assume that this revelation creates problems in Rahul and Konkona’s marriage. Which brings us to the point I raised in the beginning, Is sex the only basis of marriage, the love couples had for each other in the beginning just doesn’t count? The movie apparently is a take on urban relationships, but are these relationships devoid of all emotions except for the one?

Going forward, we see Soha and Irfaan separate, and Rahul Khanna, the suave, sexy editor Veer (rare breed!!) comes into picture. Rahul is Konkona’s boss and her crush. The rest of the story deals with these people and their juggling hearts (Dil Kabbadi eh!). Payal Rohatgi as Irfaan’s lover or rather the sex-machine is as average as she was in Big Boss. Infact, she acted better in the latter! The scene where they fight and end their ‘relationship’ is probably the worst directed scene of the movie, and to top it all the scene brings out the best of the Indian chauvinistic male. When a group of friends tell Irfaan, that his wife has been looking stunning in the last few days and is dating someone, he turns jealous and suddenly realises the importance and intelligence of his wife, who till a few months ago was all “arty and cold”.

The major revelation in all this chaos is Saba Azad, the newcomer who is Rahul Bose’s “sex-interest” in the film. She doesn’t look like an amateur performer and passes with flying colours. Her style is effortless, just BE YOURSELF and that’s what gives her that distinct style and class as a young and budding actress.

The music of the movie is nothing to talk about, but the song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan describes the situation of the protagonists of the movie very well and is by far the best song of the movie.

Well should you go and watch the movie, not really, as long as you don’t have free passes for it. Otherwise the movie is not worth your dime, even a DVD copy would seem like a waste of money.


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