Should the Indian film-makers be worried about getting an Oscar ?

Mar 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Editor Speak
Indian Film makers have been trying to win an Oscar for the several years. Every year, a great hue and cry is raised over the film that is nominated to the Oscars. Unfortunately, no Indian film has come even close to winning the much coveted award. we asked our readers if the Indian film makers should be trying to win the Oscars, or should they be trying to make better films. And here is what they had to say:

Clearly, the majority believes that it is important to make good movies, and that worrying about getting an Oscar  will not help in actually winning it .
There are a few who believe that the Directors should worry about getting an Oscar. That is also not surprising as the Academy awards are definitely the most prestigious awards of the kind in the whole world. So, winning an Oscar
is truly an achievement for a film maker, regardless of the country he belongs to.
But, it would be best if the Indian fim makers focus on making good, quality films, and do not resort to blindly copying the western films, as they sometimes do.



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